Sutera Hall


VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge in Sutera Hall is set up with a meeting table and lounge area to give comfort, privacy and security for distinguished guests. Utilize this lounge to:

  • Host your guests of honor
  • Store your belongings while the event runs
  • Prepare before the event
  • Be used as a waiting lounge


Our backstage area in the Main Hall supported a direct vehicle access for simple entry to event logistics. Includes:

  • Two separated dressing rooms which divide into smaller changing rooms for your privacy and comfort
  • Lockers with personal keys
  • Full-length mirrors, toilets, sinks, and showers


Clean, luxurious toilets complete with disabled toilets and full supervision of on-duty staff.

Direct Access to Mall

Entrance of Sutera hall to the mall is separated, but there is a direct access to Mall @Alam Sutera within the building of Sutera Hall.

Parking Area

We also provide more than 2000 parking lot to cater thousands of guests, (so it will be convenient for guests that brings their own vehicle).

Pre-function Area

The pre-function area serves as a registration, display, and other event activities.

Kids Area

The kids’ area is created specially for the little ones, to give them a carefree and enjoyable crossing.

Need More Information?

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