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A Complete Guide Before Renting Event Space for a Wedding

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When it comes to wedding preparation, people might consider the place to hold. It is one of the important things during the process. Since the wedding venue influences the whole event. It is probably easy to manage the concepts, but when it comes to choosing the right place, people need to consider the following things.

People usually love a spectacular view with a relaxed atmosphere to celebrate an intimate event. No need to use excessive decorations, no matter what color scheme you use, the event space can be changed to your liking and captivate the guests in an instant. It will be the best thing to think first before getting married.

However, planning a wedding requires a serious commitment because you have to pay special attention. Here are some guides you need to know before renting an event space wedding.

8 Complete Guide Before Renting Event Space Wedding

This guide will help you to find a perfect space wedding. So, please read it carefully. 

1. The Budget

Everyone agrees before renting an event space for a wedding, you need to consider the budget. There is nothing more disappointing than finding the place you dream of but it does not fit into your budget. Therefore, you can create a budget draft before hunting the place. 

Think about how much you will spend on the budget for renting. Look into the budget draft whenever you find a place you like. The more the budget you spend, the more you get the better event space. 

2. The Theme

Another thing to consider before choosing the wedding venue is the theme. Whether the place is suitable for your wedding theme requires a small survey. You can visit the place to ensure the whole concept. 

To help you think, you can consult with the event space rental in your area. Usually, they provide a consultation before visiting the place. Ask them about the space theme as well. 

3. The Location

Where you hold the wedding ceremony will determine the place to take it. If you belong to the Jakarta area you can search for an event space in Jakarta or Tangerang. The location should be carefully considered since it will affect the budget. 

Usually, the event space in the Jakarta area is more expensive than the space around the suburbs. And of course, this will impact the budget you have prepared. You need also to consider the location based on the access since you will invite friends and colleagues. Ensure they can find the place easily.

4. The Style

There are many spaces with certain themes and styles that you can choose for a wedding venue. Therefore, you need to consider the event space style to fit your wedding concepts. By using the exact style, it will ease you to select the decoration.

For instance, if you use a bohemian style for the wedding, you might use an outdoor area. It will be better than using an indoor area. The style of space gives you an authentic idea of a wedding.

5. The Capacity

One thing that should be considered is also the capacity of the event space. You need to calculate whether the room is available for all guests or not. The biggest mistake almost made is actually picking an oversized room for the guests. 

The space should fit your total guests count, and you will not lose much money. Choosing a suitable room for the whole guests will be more efficient for the budget also.

6. The Parking Option

Another thing that requires good consideration is the parking option especially if the location belongs to an isolated or busy downtown. It is very important to check the number of parking spaces and whether the guests need to pay for parking or not.

It is way better if the guest gets a free parking area. Thus, they do not need to pay for the parking area. Additionally, you can also rent a bus or shuttle to bring the people.

7. The Review

There is a positive and negative review of certain event spaces for the wedding. You can pick the area that has the more positive review to ensure the best decision. 

During the research review, you might find more information about the aspects of the venue. Take note of both the positive and negative comments to consider the best place for the wedding.

8. The Packages

Another thing that should be considered is whether the vendor gives any packages or not. Some sites do not provide full services such as catering, bar, or staffing. This is typically a lower-cost package.

Therefore, if you have a lot of money you can choose a vendor that provides a complete package. You might also get the full services by paying more money. This depends on how much the budget.

So, how close do you prepare to take the guide above in renting an event space wedding? Or you might need some reference event space to rent? Sutera Hall can be the best solution. 

Available for Renting Event Space Wedding in Sutera Hall

Sutera Hall is located in Alam Sutera Mall, which belongs to a strategic location for your next event. It is also the perfect venue to host corporate conferences, meetings, expos, and conventions, as well as spectacular concerts and weddings. 

The main hall is over 1700 m2 with a design that incorporates the dynamic forms of the Cisadane River and the Vanda Douglas orchid that is suitable for weddings, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

Sutera Hall takes place in a strategic location near the mall and airport that is accessible for wedding guests. You can also organize an event with the right venue here. Since the facilities available support the various needs of your event. Sutera Hall includes four private rooms, a VIP lounge, backstage, and direct access to Alam Sutera Mall.

Working with an experienced production team, we provide a partnership with Soundworks and Lightworks to produce custom lighting and sound consultation, design, and arrangement for your wedding package. We also provide Tabletop Catering to complete the experience for your guests.

All those facilities will be available if you rent Suteral Hall for your special day. You can have a consultation first by hitting us through the website. Our staff will explain to you the benefits of renting Sutera Hall event space. Take your best experience once in your life with us.

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