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Goodworks is an event and activation company that helps your brand stand out from the rest. By collaborating with strategic and leading partners, we provide a comprehensive solution with an integrated end-to-end services.

Lightworks is a lighting rental company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, that provided you one stop solution for your event including custom event lighting, lighting arrangement, lighting consultant and lighting designer for wedding, corporate event, concert, etc. They offer the best lighting service production with creativity and skill to make sure the clients get more than their expectation.

Soundworks Jakarta is proud to offer their clients the best sound production, innovative sound solution and well maintained audio equipment. Experienced more than 12 years, their dedication is to ensure clients satisfaction and to accomplish this, Soundworks accommodate every needs with the best sound reinforcement solution for each and every project; such as wedding reception, product launching, corporate meeting, live performance, live recording or permanent installation.

An Audio Visual company that was founded in 1992 and is part of the Group Visual. Based on leading technology and also made a new breakthrough in the world of audio visual and providing Educational technology to the community to make V2 as a leading provider of audio visual.

Ros Medika determined to be the organizer of the highest quality medical emergency first aid training program in Indonesia, capable of providing the latest medical services in providing first aid treatment to victims, and being a pioneer in providing operational training for medical and non-medical staff in hospitals. hospitals and health clinics, so that they can build and develop a comprehensive and professional medical service system to comply with international health care standards.

Pentawira first opened in 1995, we realised that some values are needed to keep us exist and differentiate us from our competitors. Creativity, team work, Good quality in services and On time delivery are our core values to keep us on track to provide the best service ever to our representative customers.

LOKET is a platform that has Ticketing Management Service (TMS) superior technology to support all event organizers from distribution & ticket management, to providing event analysis reports at the end of the event.

Telkom Indonesia is a state-owned information and communications technology enterprise and telecommunications network in Indonesia. The Government of Indonesia is the majority shareholder with 52.09 percent shares while the remaining 47.91 percent shares belong to public shareholders. Telkom’s shares are traded on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) where it is listed as “TLKM” and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which lists it as “TLK”.

Arthur Genset providing the best Rental Genset, Ac, Air Purifier, Misty fan and Booth Electrical Installation services in Indonesia for all your Project. We use the best machines, trained senior technicians, trustworthy and professional services.

Visual Ranger is a company that provides digital visual services and broadcasting systems where multimedia plays an important role in the success of an event. To fulfill this need, The Kasablanka collaborates with Visual Rangers to be able to provide these services so that organizers don’t have to worry about holding events with quality content.

Eventori itself is a collaboration platform for the entire entertainment industry, and not just talent. With this good partnership, The Kasablanka and Eventori collaborate to build a healthy industrial ecosystem and provide ample space for their potential.
In short, when you are going to hold an event at The Kasablanka, you don’t have to worry about finding your presenter, Eventori is here to answer all your needs.

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