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Mind These 7 Tips for Choosing a Good Event Space Tangerang

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Do you look for a comfortable and affordable event space Tangerang? Please mind these seven tips for choosing the venue. Read this article carefully.

An event space is a multipurpose room that is specifically equipped and designed to hold various events such as conferences, staff gatherings, training, general discussion, and seminars. Event spaces are available in various sizes with provided facilities such as seating, audiovisual equipment, projectors, and other services.

If you are hosting an event in Tangerang, there are a number of comfortable event space Tangerang you can choose. No matter what type of event you are organizing, the event space or venue will assuredly provide a unique experience for the Invited guests. Therefore, you should consider the number of guests, the budget, and the exact date. 

Event Space Tangerang is Quite Popular

Along with the development of technology, the role of event space or venue currently is in high demand. Many business people frequently utilize venues for working activities. But sometimes many of them have chosen uncomfortable venues due to the large number of venues offered that have different facilities and prices.

Most of the event space Tangerang provides a variety of equipment and strategic places, but you also have to be good at deciding the place, everything must be in accordance with the needs of the event.

Tips for Choosing a Good Event Space Tangerang 

Looking at previous reviews, please pay attention to the following tips in choosing the right Tangerang event space.

  • Location

You may have considered this aspect. For a local event, you need to look for a venue with a reasonable distance from most participants’ workplaces or homes. If a significant number of participants will be traveling from out of town, a venue must be near the airport or their hotel. 

In any case, you need to consider traffic, transportation, and parking options as well.  By choosing a strategic location, the event will be very memorable and hassle-free. The majority of participants will also not be late to come due to various obstacles on the way. So, location is a very crucial thing to consider. 

  • Facilities

Besides the location, you must also consider the provided facilities in the venue. The first is internet service or WiFi. A good event space definitely has the latest technology to support participants’ activities. 

Secondly, other equipment such as generator engines is one of the things that is sufficiently crucial to ask, because in Indonesia, there are still frequent rolling blackouts, thus the existence of generators is the thing you must pay attention to.

Thirdly, the available parking area should be large enough and easy to reach. Invited participants may bring their own vehicles and need a convenient parking space. So, as an event organizer, you should pay attention to this aspect.

Fourth, adequate event equipment such as projectors, sound systems, air conditioning, and others that can support the event. Also, make sure everything is in good condition and can be used optimally without any interference.


You can find various guest capacities in the event space Tangerang. Thus, you only need to rent a venue according to the capacity of the room you need. Do not choose a service office that offers seminar venues with limited capacity options if you invited a large number of guests.

Why is knowing the capacity of the room so important? Firstly, you can prepare the necessary chairs and tables, so there are no guests left standing. Secondly, you can also prepare food and drinks according to the number of guests. You need to know that food ammunition is essential for the comfort of your guests.

So, before you rent a room, please have many discussions with the service provider to negotiate and know in detail the capacity of the room and what you can get then. ● Room Rental Budget

This point is also essential. Every event space Tangerang provider will have their own price rates. When you want to rent a venue, make sure the price is in-line with your budget. Don’t let it cost more than your budget plan, or you need to bear the excess cost.

You also have to ask for additional charges if any in detail for certain provided facilities, especially the equipment that will be used during the event. By this way, you will not exceed your budget plan and have hidden costs. ● Ambience and Accessibility

Pay particular attention to the setting inside the venue. What is the architectural style and what is the conveyed interior of the building? If you are holding a gala, you may likely need different venue accommodations than you would for a seminar. 

The less the setting matches the wanted feeling of your event, the more decorations you are likely to make up for it.

Accessibility simply refers to the probability that everyone, particularly those with special needs, can have access to the building and its facilities. Before you can fill this aspect, you must understand who your participants are and what their specific needs are.

You also need to know if there will be kids at your venue. In this situation, reviewing recent events held by your organization and event space Tangerang provider that you cooperate with, can give you some ideas to set the condition.


Have you ever attended an event where the sound was so loud that you could hardly hear the other people talking, or it strained your hearing? That’s invariably due to poor venue acoustics.

A low ceiling will make the venue seem cozier, but will make it more crowded if it’s fully attended. Alternatively, a large warehouse-style venue will bring in reverberation, or what architects call “echo”.


Every venue should be hygienic. A clean venue will make the participants who are attending the event feel comfortable and more refreshed. So, it is much better if you do a survey before using the room.

One thing not to forget is the bathroom. This room is easily dirtied, so coordinate with the event space Tangerang provider you cooperate with about its hygiene.

So, after you’ve got this information. You probably already know what to do before searching and choosing an event space for the best event you want to host. 

If you need a reference for event space Tangerang. Sutera Hall can be a good one, used for multifunctional meeting halls, formal events, wedding ceremonies, convention centers, and many more.

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