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9 Tips on Choosing Conference Hall and Layout Recommendations

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The conference hall is a type of multipurpose room with a large capacity. Usually, this hall is used for discussions, seminars, or holding various professional events.

By its function, the conference hall is also equipped with various supporting facilities such as audio and projectors, including the professionals who work in it. This equipment will be frequently used during the event. 

These times, when you’re running, use the conference hall for the event. You need to consider how to choose it nicely because the right space makes everything different. This information will bring you to find a perfect conference hall.

To choose a conference hall, you need to consider the following points, so the event can be organized properly. 

1. Room Needs

It’s a good idea to plan your conference needs. Required event specifications such as the room size, required facilities, and event duration. The selection of the conference hall or room must be adjusted to how many participants are in the event. 

During the event, you also need additional facilities besides the standard facilities provided, you have to coordinate with the service provider. 

Furthermore, trying to analyze the estimated length of the event time is also needed. These factors will help companies determine a more efficient event budget because all factors above determine how much budget must be spent. Planning will help the event run effectively and efficiently.

2. Room Capacity

Each serviced office has several types of conference halls that can be rented as needed. There are private conference rooms that can only be used for a maximum of 200 people. There are also more spacious rooms that can be used by dozens of people. 

The point is, before contacting a particular service provider, make sure you understand the current needs of the room or hall.

3. Smooth Wifi Connection

Wifi is an important facility that must be provided when renting a conference hall. Before you choose an office service provider, you have to ensure this wifi facility. Don’t let the event be disrupted since the internet service is unstable.

4. Room Rental Budget

This point is also important. Each serviced office must have a different price rate. When you want to rent a conference hall, make sure the price is in accordance with the budget. Don’t let the price be more expensive than the available budget, or later you are told to bear the excess costs.

You should also ask for additional costs if any in detail for certain facilities, especially those that will be used during the event. Thus the bill will not exceed the calculation and cause hidden costs. 

5. Location

Location is an important factor in determining the conference place. We recommend you choose a conference location that is not difficult to find. The ideal location is usually in the city center which is easily accessible by private or public transportation. 

6. Completeness of Facilities 

The completeness of facilities in the conference hall is certainly a major consideration for you. Make sure the facilities are well-equipped and complete such as soundproofing, projectors, stationery, electronic equipment, drinking water, whiteboards, and others. 

In addition, don’t forget to ask for public facilities such as prayer rooms, toilets, and parking lots. 

7. The atmosphere and Room Layout 

You need to survey before deciding to rent a conference room. Choose a room with a supportive atmosphere and layout to have the event run as expected, you need to choose a room that is comfortable, safe, and conducive. 

8. Food and Beverage

The seminar or annual review process usually takes a long time. For this reason, you need to ensure whether the required event room has taken care of the consumption issue or not.

It would be better if the room already provides the food menu along with the room price package. However, if the room provider does not provide refreshments, you have to ask permission whether you are allowed to bring the food on your own or not. 

9. Cleanliness

Every event place must prioritize cleanliness. A clean place will make participants who attend the event feel comfortable and more relaxed. So, it is much better if you survey using the room. 

After you’re done with considering choosing the nice conference hall follow the instructions above. Let’s know the layout recommendations. 

Layout Recommendation in Conference Hall

In each function room, several layouts can be applied. Before arranging the space, it is usually necessary to make a layout that suits your needs. There are several types of room layouts you can refer to:

1. U-Shaped Style

This room model usually uses a table cover that is installed hanging down to cover the table legs. On the outer edge, chairs are installed as needed. At the top is a separate table and chair (head table) for the speaker. This layout is perfect for board or staff meetings.

2. Classroom Style

This layout is like a classroom, where the participants sit on chairs behind the table. This model is often found in upgrading events, training programs, etc. 

3. V Shape

The V shape arrangement is usually shaped like the original letter “V”. More than one prop is installed at the front so that all participants can see what the speaker is presenting.

4. Auditorium Style

Just like a theater, there is a stage or central place for the speaker, with the audience stacking chairs placed in straight or semi-circular rows facing the stage. This auditorium style is suitable for one-way knowledge sharing or audio-visual presentations.

An auditorium-style conference room is perfect when you need to accommodate a large number of people. It is made for sessions of passive learning, where the need for two-way interaction is minimal. 

Most of your conference will probably take place in an auditorium-style meeting room, where speakers present their topics and answer questions from the audience.

5. Hollow Shape

In this style, there is no head table because the chairs follow each other, and the center looks empty. It is usually used as a place to talk, or for participants to be more active in interacting.

6. Banquet Style

When you hear the word “banquet”, you probably already have the right visual in your mind. This style of event room has many round tables placed in a large open space. Depending on the purpose of the room, these tables will either have standing seating or up to 8 banquet chairs placed around them.

This type of event room is suitable for serving lunch or other refreshments during breaks in your program. This style of a room is also great for networking sessions where people mingle in small groups around different tables and move freely between them.

So, after you know this information. You perhaps know what to do before finding and choosing the conference hall for the best events that you want to arrange. If you need some reference of the conference hall in the early time. The Sutera Hall can be a nice one, used for the multifunction conference hall, Tangerang event, wedding hall, convention center, and many more.

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