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How to Create an Intimate Sutera Hall Wedding

How to Create an Intimate Sutera Hall Wedding

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When you have many choices about wedding concepts, you will not lose the whole idea. Creating an intimate wedding is tricky yet easier than making a bigger wedding party. You could work with the wedding organizer to create the best one.

An intimate Sutera Hall wedding is a celebration including up to 30 guests or less and focuses on the couple’s personalities. The purpose of managing an intimate wedding is to create an unforgettable experience for the nearest and dearest people around the couple.

Some Beneficial Tips for Creating an Intimate Sutera Hall Wedding

Intimate weddings have become more popular these days due to the need for a minimum budget to manage a beautiful and memorable experience.

You can create an intimate and successful wedding at Sutera Hall by following these tips.

  1. The Wedding Budget

Most people would think about the wedding budget first before doing other things. It could be easier for you to work with the team or wedding organizer if you know exactly the budget to spend. You might need to make a note about the expense.

There are some priorities and must-have items that you need to consider. You have to at least understand the needs such as catering, decoration, make-up, venue, etc. You need to consider each item wisely according to your preferences.

  1. The Wedding Theme

The second tip is about choosing the right theme. By knowing the theme of the wedding, you will be easier in choosing the decoration and layout. Creating a wedding theme also helps you to have memorable and aesthetic wedding concepts.

One of the most popular wedding themes is rustic or bohemian which incorporates natural elements such as wood, greenery, and earthy tones. Another popular theme is vintage and retro style which is achieved through antique decoration and inspired-vintage.

  1. Limiting the Guest List

One of the characteristics of an intimate wedding is the minimum number of guests. Thus, you can discuss with your partner about the guests list. Ensure that you choose the prior people to come. You can create a long-standing tradition with minimum guests.

It can be difficult to tell someone who won’t be invited to your intimate wedding. You don’t have to let them know that you create a wedding party with minimum guest lists. You can always manage the intimate wedding and let them know without having to come.

  1. Personalize the Experience

Having a small Sutera Hall wedding allows you to personalize the experience for you and your guests. You could work with the wedding organizer to create the best experience. You need to add little touches reflecting your personality and make the guests feel special.

You can add a pre and post-party to create fond memories with your loved ones. You can also prepare a welcome box with items reflecting you and your partner. By doing this, you will specialize your loved ones as the guests to create memorable moments.

  1. Service Sizes

For an intimate Sutera Hall wedding, service sizes can be personalized based on the guest numbers, the food types, and the atmosphere. You can choose a seven-course meal or buffet with a detailed menu. All of these choices depend on your budget and priority.

You could manage the service sizes based on your needs. Discuss with your wedding organizer about the needs of each item. Adjust the service sizes based on the factors that will ensure a personalized and intimate experience for your wedding party.

  1. Catering Options

For a small intimate wedding party, you will have a small catering too but you could consider the quality. You could manage a personalized menu with small groups to please everyone. You can also use wedding menus based on the selection of dishes including vegetarian.

Some people are also interested in wedding buffets that give the guests various menus and options. However, the cons of this type of catering are that it can be messy and result in more food waste. Thus, be wise in choosing the right catering.

  1. The Quality Services

Investing in quality services and materials for a small intimate wedding can enhance the overall experience for you and your guests. You should consider a fantastic photographer to have an excellent investment in capturing the moment.

You may also need stunning table decorations with tablecloths and crockery that give a more intimate feel. By focusing on quality of service over quantity, you will have a memorable and successfully executed Sutera Hall wedding.

Managing Sutera Hall Wedding with Sutera Hall Venue

One of the most important things in creating such a wonderful intimate wedding is choosing the best venue. You could choose the venue in Sutera Hall. Sutera Hall also offers an intimate wedding for you.

There are two types of wedding packages at Sutera Hall that you and your partner can choose from, namely the Magnolia Package and the Orchid Package. The Magnolia Package is for 50 people using the Cisadane Room. Maximum usage of the room is 8 hours. The offer includes a full buffet for 50 people.

This package also included a standard sound system with a keyboard and microphone, LCD screen, and projector, and a VIP room. You can choose this type of wedding if you want to invite about 50 people only and create a memorable moment.

The second type of Sutera Hall wedding is for 100 people with 2 Cisadane Rooms that you can use for a maximum of 8 hours. You can choose this type with a full buffet menu for 8 people with table catering. This package also includes a standard sound system with keyboard.

Sutera Hall Multi Function is located in Alam Sutera Mall which is not far from the border of West Jakarta. Sutera Hall is here to accommodate every aspect of your next event. We are equipped to cater for events of various types.

We provide rooms for corporate conferences, concerts, and wedding packages at Sutera Hall.

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