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Shareholder Meetings: Objectives, Participant, and Venue

Shareholder Meetings: Objectives, Participant, and Venue

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Shareholder meetings are usually held on a scheduled basis by a group of business people or companies to discuss several matters related to performance prospects, actualization of plans, calculation of income and expenses, and other crucial issues that need to be addressed thoroughly.

As a business owner who owns certain shares, you must know how and when to organize shareholder meetings. Everything needs careful consideration and planning, starting with the material presented, accommodation, venue, etc.

What Are The Shareholder Meetings For?

The shareholder meeting event is expected to be attended by all shareholder representatives as this event has the following objectives:

  1. Drafting the Agreement

The shareholder meetings aim to provide information related to available shareholding regulations, complete annual reports, allocation of losses and profits, and approval of the establishment of company management.

  1. Board of Directors Appointment

The shareholder meetings will also generally include appointing a board of directors. The person will be appointed according to mutual agreement. The most important thing when selecting a board of directors is choosing the ones with good knowledge, attitude, and management skills.

  1. External Auditor Appointment

In addition to appointing board directors, the shareholder meetings will appoint an external auditor. Why is this important?

Because the auditor team will be one of the pillars of checking the correct management of shares following the collective agreement, you must be able to choose trusted and compatible people.

  1. Amendment to Articles of Association

In managing shares, there will inevitably be fluctuations. All shareholders must be prepared for economic conditions. In the shareholder meetings, budget adjustments will refer to market conditions. This requires approval from many parties involved as it is crucial.

  1. Company Transformation

Companies constantly adjust to the latest requirements as time passes and economic conditions change. Changes, additions, and reductions will be made for better and more profitable purposes. If it is stagnant, probably the company will not expand, and the value of the shares will decrease.

After knowing some of the objectives of the shareholder meetings above, another question will be asked: who can attend the meeting? This is undoubtedly important to know as well.

All shareholders can officially attend the meeting. However, in the case of certain companies, there will be a basic budget for the number of guests, and it will be adjusted accordingly.

This has become a provision adjusted to the value of share ownership. So, someone who has a high share value has the opportunity to participate.

However, this will rarely happen, only a few minor companies. Everything has been arranged and determined according to a collective decision so that no one feels discriminated against. If there is a discrepancy, you can request a correction.

Suppose a shareholder is unable to attend the shareholder meetings as scheduled. In that case, they can be represented by a designated person who has official proof of the appointment of a representative signed in advance.

As for the terms and conditions of the representative, make sure the person chosen is compatible and has a good understanding of shares. There may be misunderstandings if the person appointed to represent you must become more familiar with the topic and the discussed values.

So, ensure you have provided maximum training and taught good manners in joining formal meetings many people attend.

That’s about the requirements in shareholder meetings. Next, consider choosing the right venue to hold a meeting. What should the criteria be? It must be comfortable and have complete facilities.

The venue must be customized according to the company’s needs, considering the number of guests, media, access, etc. Everything will be discussed in the next session.

Sutera Hall Offers A Convenient Place For Shareholder Meetings

You can choose a comfortable meeting place. Sutera Hall can be the best recommendation at this time.

Sutera Hall is located in the Alam Sutera Mall area. We have a very adequate place to support the continuity of your meeting event. Here are some of our advantages.

  1. Strategic Location

Our venue is located in the Alam Sutera Mall area. The location is strategic, near the airport, train station, and bus. The access is relatively easy to be on time to where the shareholder meetings will be held. The guests can choose which public transportation to use.

  1. Complete Package Options

We have a wide selection of shareholder meeting packages and venues. The price is relatively affordable and has its advantages. We guarantee your event will go as planned.

You only need to coordinate with our team regarding what items need to be prepared, and our team will condition it according to the plan and ensure everything works.

  1. Excellent Facilities

We have four private changing rooms that can be used safely if guests are constrained by their clothing, space for meeting preparation, direct access to Alam Sutera Mall so the guests can go directly to the mall after the meeting, VIP Lounge, and a large parking lot.

  1. Professional Team

We work with a professional and experienced team to handle your event concept perfectly. You can coordinate with us in advance to discuss the shareholder meeting room concept. We will adjust to the package chosen and maximize all available equipment.

If there are additional things, you can also request it from our team. We always want to give our best and provide an unforgettable experience.

  1. Maximum Safety

We will ensure that the meeting room you book is secure. If you prefer the strictest privacy, we are willing to add security personnel adjusted to the package options.

You can hold your meeting comfortably and safely until the end. We will ensure the privacy of the guests if needed.

Those essential things related to shareholder meetings need to be considered. You can choose Sutera Hall as your best event partner.

Sutera Hall will ensure that every event you host runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression. We will provide the best service for your event. For more information regarding our offer, please click the following link and contact us immediately. What are you waiting for? Get the best venue for your event at Sutera Hall!

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