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Important Tips in Selecting a Function Hall Tangerang

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Any special occasions have to be celebrated in a special space that can be rented based on the budget. The function hall Tangerang should be organized according to the event. Before renting the best venue, you probably need to consider several things. Then you can compare each of the options based on your budget and needs.

Every event has to be prepared well and it is highly recommended to use a good function hall. Before choosing the best venue, you need to collect some information from the provider. Most places come with coordinators and assistants that you can coordinate with. Below are some useful tips for renting a functional hall in Tangerang.

Some Important Tips to Select the Best Function Hall in Tangerang

In getting the best function hall in Tangerang, you should at least consider the following guides:

1.      The Parking Availability

Every event venue usually is completed with a parking area. It is highly needed if you want to invite many attendees to your event. You could ensure the parking system in the venue that you will rent. If almost all of your guests bring their cars, you have to prepare a wide parking lot.

Therefore, you can communicate with the provider whether the venue is completed with a parking area or not. Meanwhile, if you plan to pick up the guests by bus or shuttle, you should ensure that parking space is available for them. This is one of the important things that you should ask the provider.

2.      The Function Hall Size

Before renting the best function hall Tangerang, you must count the whole number of guests that will come. Thus, you have to ensure that the venue could accommodate the crowd that you are going to invite. Take a survey first to know enough space that you want to rent. The place should not only fit the whole people but also all the needs during the event.

Some people choose a glorious space to create such a wonderful celebration, other people prefer an intimate celebration. All of them should be prepared with a suitable venue. If you want to have a rousing event, you might need a big and wide space. If you hold an intimate celebration, you probably need a small venue.

3.      The Room Layout Flexibility

Every special occasion must be supported with the right layout. You probably still plan the event but you have to prepare a rough idea of the programs and activities. The more you understand the whole concept, the easier you create the layout. It will help you to manage the entire room with a certain theme.

Usually, the provider offers a venue complete with a custom layout. Therefore, you have to coordinate with them about the layout they will give. Sometimes, you can also book the venue package completed with a certain layout. Make sure that the layout is flexible to change based on your needs.

4.      The Cleaning Staff Availability

When you hold a big occasion, you cannot guarantee that the whole guests will keep the cleanliness of the venue. Some of them might throw rubbish everywhere they want. You cannot control the situation while the event is going on. Therefore, it is important to know the cleanliness system of the space.

You have to ensure whether the provider prepares a cleaning staff or not. Make sure that a cleaning staff includes in the package that you will take. The readiness of the cleaning staff will ease you during the occasion since you don’t have to clean the room by yourself. However, you need to consider the budget to include the cleaning service.

5.      The Sound System

The sound system is usually included in the rental package, but some of them should be paid separately. Any special event must use a good sound system. Some may produce the best quality sounds, but some of them do not use them. You have to communicate with the provider about the sound system availability and quality.

If you hold a rousing event, you probably need to be supported with a big sound system. Meanwhile, if you take an intimate celebration, you probably need a standard sound system. This belongs to the package of the venue rental. You can coordinate with the provider about the sound system availability.

6.      The Food and Catering

Any special event must have food and beverages for the whole guests. If you have a large budget, you can rent a venue complete with food and catering. The food served can be one of the values during the occasion. The attendees would be glad if you provided the best food and beverages at your event.

Not only the food availability that you need to ensure but also the professional caterers. You can request the provider to rent a venue package with food services. Food offers comfort and convenience to all the attendees. You have to count the budget to get the best food services during the event you hold.

Those are the important tips that you should consider before renting the best function hall Tangerang. One of the best options you can choose is Sutera Hall. We provide more than just a venue, it is a new experience. Located in a strategic area, we have direct access to Alam Sutera Mall. Thus, our rental space could be used for any special occasion.

Besides, we also provide a VIP lounge with a wide area completed with a meeting table and lounge area. Since our main purpose is to supply comfortable and private space for any guests. The VIP lounge could be the best space for any intimate occasion. You can choose this venue for any wedding package.

There is also a parking area that accommodates more than 2000 parking for thousands of guests. Any special occasion in our hall will be convenient for all the attendees. You can maximize the number of guests to fulfill our wide space. No need to worry about the parking area as one of our special facilities.

Reach our website to get a special offer from us. Plan your future, and experience the best event in our function hall Tangerang.

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