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Get Some Tips for Choosing Intimate Wedding Venue

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After the proposal and the wedding date have been determined, one of the most important things that you have to prepare is deciding on the intimate wedding venue or the place where your wedding ceremony will be held. It’s not an easy process, because once you get the right venue as you wish, it will be easier to prepare other things.

For some people, holding a dream wedding is one of the goals that absolutely must be pursued. So that it will involve many parties and also a fairly long process. The reason for this is obviously because the wedding is the first and last sacred moment for everyone.

Giving the best and most memorable thing to yourself and the invited guests is a special satisfaction, isn’t it? Ensure that the space you choose is an intimate place that can satisfy the expectations of you and your partner, you will definitely feel very accommodated.

4 Tips for Choosing Intimate Wedding Venue

When choosing a wedding venue you need to consider some major things. That’s why those of you who are preparing for a wedding, please read this article carefully.

We will provide some helpful steps to get the most suitable or intimate wedding place for you to choose. Just follow the steps below to organize the wedding of your dreams.

  1. Location

Do you intend to host your solemn ceremony at a church, hotel, or an unconventional venue such as a park or beach? Consider other essential things, such as the ease of accessibility for your vendors and guests to get to the venue.

Choose an intimate wedding venue that is located in the city center and close to public transport such as the MRT or airport. That way, guests and vendors can arrive on time without any trip difficulties.

Also, choose a location that is close to an inn (Incase, if you are not hosting your wedding in a hotel), why is that? So, the out-of-town guests can rest or stay a few days after attending the event. Lastly, you might also want to consider choosing an intimate wedding venue that doesn’t suffer from heavy traffic, which is bound to frustrate your guests.  It may seem difficult if the location is in the city center, but you can consider it.

2. Venue Availability

Finding a dream venue that meets your preferred date has to be well-planned, you need to add some information on note number of potential beautiful dates for your wedding day. But aside from the venue, make sure that your closest family and relatives are available on that date.

A piece of advice for you, try to book the venue at least one year in advance, you may get discounts and other attractive offers if you book early. Prepare yourself to compete with other couples if the date you want is a favorite date.

If all the beautiful dates are fully booked, perhaps you can discuss with your partner or family to find a suitable date again. This would be more advisable than having to push the event to the following year.

3. Facilities

No matter where your wedding venue is, you should consider the following points: Does the venue have ample parking space? If there are pillars or other permanent structures, can you work around them to ensure seating capacity is maximized? What is the maximum seating capacity and how many guests are you inviting? Is the venue handicapped-accessible?

Some tips for you, look for a venue that is exclusive to your wedding. Some venues can now offer an entire floor for weddings, and have VIP and bridal dressing rooms on the same floor.

Then, make sure that the electricity can also guarantee all the needs of the event, so that it will not interfere with the solemn atmosphere created. Electricity is particularly crucial, as it’s not funny if suddenly in the middle of the event the lights go out and the bride and groom are nowhere to be seen.

All things related to the facilities provided by the hotel, for example, must be coordinated with the WO you are working with, so everything is utilized properly.

4. Check the Catering

The last thing that goes into tips for choosing an intimate wedding venue is checking the catering section. Food or dishes on the wedding day are important and usually become a standard for the success or failure of an event.

If you decide to choose a separate catering venue, it is also a must to notify the venue provider. So, there is no offense or miscommunication.

Get Your Intimate Wedding Venue in Sutera Hall

Sutera Hall is located at Mall Alam Sutera area, a convenient location for your upcoming event. Sutera Hall is also an outstanding space for organizing corporate conferences, exhibitions, formal meetings, and spectacular weddings.

If you’re planning to choose us as your wedding partner, we’ve got you covered with the following benefits:

  1. Strategic Location

Located in Alam Sutera Mall area, fairly close to the border of West Jakarta. 40 minutes from the airport, 30-40 minutes from the nearest train station by car, and 5 minutes by foot from the nearest bus station.

  1. Organizing Events with the Best Venues

We have multifunctional event spaces, we can customize the space to suit your event. If it’s a wedding, we’ll make sure you get a suitable and memorable venue.

  1. Complete Facilities

We have several facilities such as 4 private changing rooms, backstage, direct access to Mall Alam Sutera, VIP Lounge, spacious parking areas and pre-function area. You can only get these facilities with us.

  1. Experienced Team

You definitely expect to organize your wedding well and satisfy all your guests and family. As you surely know, everything depends on the good handling of the event.

We work with professional and experienced teams, we make sure you will get the best results. From room availability, facilities, catering, guest positions, lighting, electricity, cleanliness, and more.

Everything will be mobilized before your important event begins, we always make sure there are no delays and everything is in accordance with what has been agreed before. That’s the information about some tips on choosing an intimate wedding venue, you can get it all at Sutra Hall. For more information please visit our full offer page here. Get the full package now!

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