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Mind These 7 Tips to Save on Reception Costs at Sutera Hall Wedding Venue

Mind These 7 Tips to Save on Reception Costs at Sutera Hall Wedding Venue

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Marriage is perceived as something sacred and the start of a new life. Every couple who intends to get married will go through a process that is surrounded by various marriage goals.

Once you have found a marriage goal that aligns with your own, like saving money for the future, one thing you and your partner can start from the very beginning is saving money on wedding receptions.

If you are planning to organize a reception at Sutera Hall Wedding Venue, you can try some tips to save money even though the party is held inside the building. It’s not that impossible, you can still realize your dream wedding with a minimal cost.

Tips to Save on Reception Costs at Sutera Hall Wedding Venue

Every couple has their dream wedding. Unfortunately, weddings are still associated with high costs. The high cost of marriage frequently causes problems for couples who want to live a married life. In big cities, the cost of a wedding can be at least above a hundred million.

Weddings do not have to cost a lot of money. Various ways can be done to reduce the cost of marriage without having to reduce the sacredness and sanctity of marriage itself.

Forcing to hold a wedding reception that exceeds your budget is certainly very wasteful. But don’t worry, here are some easy tips on how to save on wedding expenses, once you plan to hold the reception in Sutera Hall Wedding Venue.

  1. Limit Your Invited Guests

Although Sutera Hall Wedding Venue has a large capacity, there is nothing wrong with limiting the number of guests who come. If you want to organize a simple wedding, it is better to only invite family, relatives, and friends.

That way, you don’t have to spend too much on consumption or catering. By limiting your guests, you can also focus on celebrating your happy day with people who know you. A wedding will be more memorable if it is attended by people who have meaning in your life.

  1. Change Your Mindset about Marriage

The first way to save on wedding costs is to change your mindset about marriage. Marriage is not the end goal of finding a partner, but rather a new beginning in living a married life. Marriage becomes meaningless when you don’t get happiness while living life with your partner.

Therefore, be wise in calculating wedding costs. There is no need to force a luxurious wedding beyond your budget. It would be better to prepare wedding savings to live your life after the reception.

  1. Use Online Invitations

As technology advances, you no longer need to use paper or card invitations. Now you can use online wedding invitations, especially for your friends, so the costs of wedding invitations can be minimized.

You can save a lot of money because you can get online invitations at a low cost, even for free. But usually, you still need physical invitations for close relatives who should be honored. If you decide to use online invitations completely, you can look for affordable invitation design services.

  1. Choose Minimalist Aisle Decoration

When organizing a reception at Sutera Hall Wedding Venue, you can choose minimalist decorations. Today’s aisle decorations are increasingly simple and different from traditional decorations. You can consider decorating by yourself to save the cost of hiring a decorating service.

Or if you want to use a decoration service, many vendors offer alternatives to serve beautiful and luxurious aisle decorations at quite affordable prices.

At Sutera Hall Wedding Venue, you can also apply some decoration tips such as not using real flowers, and looking for good-quality-fake flowers. No one will care about the flowers when you and your partner look stunning.

You can copy designs that have been used before, so the vendor does not provide additional costs for buying new decoration needs.

  1. Hire the Right Photographer

You want to save your wedding moments, so hiring a professional photographer is a must. But there are a few tips for this.

If you want to save your budget on hiring a photographer, you can start browsing and looking for good portfolios of local photographers. Hiring a local photographer allows you to cut down on transportation costs that may be required if the photographer is from out of town.

  1. Choose the Cheapest Wedding Package

Holding a reception at Sutera Hall Wedding Venue, there are several wedding packages offered. You can choose the cheapest wedding package if you don’t want to take care of everything by yourself.

You may need to consider the components of the package, please make sure that they are suitable for you and your partner’s needs.

  1. Skip the After Party Event

After-parties can bring more excitement to your wedding. However, you must realize that this event requires a lot of money. You will need to prepare an additional location, fireworks, desserts, drinks, and other trinkets to complete the after-party.

Since you’re trying to save money, it’s best to skip the after-party. You can replace it with other entertainment, such as dancing, singing, rhyming, and comedy.

Get Your Intimate Wedding in Sutera Hall Wedding Venue

Sutera Hall is located in the Mall Alam Sutera area, we have such a great place for your upcoming events, especially intimate wedding ceremonies. Here are some of our benefits:

  1. Strategic location. Our place is located in the Alam Sutera Mall area. It is also conveniently located near the airport, train station, and bus station.
  2. The best places. We have the best selection of wedding venues in BSD. The price is relatively affordable and it has special advantages. We guarantee that your event will take place as planned.
  3. Ideal facilities. When it comes to rooms, we put your expectations first. We have 4 private dressing rooms, a backstage area, direct access to Mall Alam Sutera, VIP Lounge, spacious parking lots, and a representative area.
  4. Professional team. We work with a professional and experienced team, and we always make sure that the team organizing the client’s event understands the idea and concept.

That’s all the information about some tips to save on reception costs if you plan to hold the event at Sutera Hall Wedding Venue. You can choose Sutera Hall as the best event partner. Learn more on our full offerings page here. Contact us for great deals!

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