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Some Inspiration for Wedding Venue BSD Decoration Concepts

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Are you planning to have a wedding venue BSD? There are certainly many intimate venue options around the area. One of the aspects that needs to be considered when you plan a wedding is choosing luxurious or attractive wedding decorations in a venue. Usually, preparing the decorations requires a series of processes and takes a fairly long time.

You and your partner must be consistent with the concept. You need to ensure that the idea of the concept can be easily realized by the vendor. So, all series of events can be held as planned. There are some cases where the wedding concept idea is not well-prepared, so the event is not attractive.

So, if you’re going to organize a sacred reception at wedding venue BSD, make sure the concept is appropriate, thoughtful, and possible to handle.

6 Inspiring Reception Concepts at Wedding Venue in BSD

When deciding luxurious or casual wedding decorations at the venue, it turns out to be fairly tricky and requires more attention, so the results will be able to meet expectations and satisfaction.

The steps in preparing wedding decorations all begin from determining the theme, adjusting the theme to the bride’s outfit, preparing and adjusting the theme to the budget, and choosing the preferred vendor.

Here are some ideas or inspirations for sacred reception concepts at venues that can be used as references at wedding venues BSD, which one will be perfect for you?

  1. Gold and White Theme

The first venue wedding decoration idea has a gold and white theme that combines two very unique colors.

The gold color is very identical to the glamor of luxury, while the white color is a symbol of purity and sacredness, so if the two are combined, it will be a perfect color combination to become the theme for the luxury wedding decorations in the venue.

To avoid the one-side-standing-out aspect, it is preferable to have the same proportion of both colors. For instance, you can use a white backdrop with gold-colored furniture and decorations.

Furthermore, don’t forget to add some fresh flowers as the decoration. The types of flowers that can be used are white roses, camellias, white dahlias, jasmine, and baby’s breath. That way, it will be elegant and luxurious.

  1. Garden-Style Wedding Theme

Second idea to hold a reception in the wedding venue BSD is garden-style wedding theme. This kind of theme is also very popular because it has a combination of beauty, elegance, and luxury.

A garden-style wedding theme does not have to be made outdoors, but can also be indoors or in a building by creating an artificial garden.

The characteristic of luxury wedding decorations in a garden-style building is certainly the decoration that is dominated by leaves and green plants that can make the atmosphere be more beautiful.

In addition, you can also add a variety of fresh or artificial flowers. Make sure the choice of flowers is not too much and striking on some sides only, everything must be adjusted to the concept of clothes too.

Flowers or garden decorations must be properly installed to create a cozy garden atmosphere like in a fairy tale. You definitely want to realize your dream wedding perfectly.

  1. Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

For those who love fairy tales, you’ll absolutely love the fairytale wedding theme. This wedding decoration idea at a wedding venue BSD can make you a princess in one meaningful day.

The hallmark of a luxury wedding in this theme is the beautiful decorations. The dominant colors used are definitely pastel colors such as pink, beige, white, light blue, light yellow, and many more.

In addition, you can also use gold colors to make it look more luxurious and white colors to make the atmosphere of the wedding party more sacred.

  1. Rustic Wedding Theme

Another popular theme is rustic wedding decorations. This theme is characterized by the use of wooden materials and the combination of green leaves, fresh flowers and dried flowers, the decorations look very beautiful.

Although you can use fresh flowers, try to add some dried flowers in the flower arrangement so that it will be more natural and rustic.

Another feature is the hanging neon lights with a yellow light color that makes the atmosphere more romantic.

For the wedding banquet, you can use wooden materials, while for the decoration, you can use flower arrangements and leaves on the pillars to decorate the guest tables, catering, and VIP guest rooms.

  1. Traditional Wedding Theme

The next decoration theme at the wedding venue BSD is the traditional theme. As this traditional wedding theme is commonly used by brides, usually those who have the same traditional background, they want to bring out the character or tradition of the family.

Traditional wedding decorations can be varied depending on the ethnicity of the bride and groom. Some only use one custom if the bride and groom come from the same region, but there are also those who combine two customs if they come from different tribes.

The decorations certainly have to be customized, for example Sundanese customs, the bride will usually wear a Kebaya and a typical headdress. The decoration of the room is usually more natural and there are a few unique carvings on the backdrop.

  1. Vintage Wedding Theme

The last decoration concept idea in wedding venue BSD is vintage. This theme brings out a simple yet beautiful impression. The budget of this theme is also cheaper when compared to other themes that prioritize luxury. So, you can consider using this theme.

The colors are usually dominated by muted colors. Not too flashy, it is perfect for those of you who like a simple style. This vintage theme is also frequently designed to resemble the style of an old-school film, so there will be a sense of reminiscence and a bit of nostalgia.

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